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Life Through Creating Mastership On Earth by Diane Chapin

Life Through Creating Mastership On Earth

by Diane Chapin

144 pages
Book #five of thirteen provides a visceral connection with Reality

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Philosophy
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About the Book
With lead-in chapters entitled the nature of the universe, letting go of perfection, without & within and spontaneity, it is the four-chapter sub-series labeled The Eternity Series, that provides an extremely impacting and expanding experience, leaving the reader wondering "what could possibly come next?" Includes several guided meditations that can be experienced singly or in groups.


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About the Author
Diane Chapin After a very demanding seven-year training period, Diane became a transparency for Spirit, well beyond being a channel, but a vehicle, willing to set ego aside and live as a spiritual tool; with a Presence of Gods grace, unconditional love, healing energy and communication that is on-going, ever-present, always available.



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