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Two Snowflakes Walk Into a Bar: The Essential Handbook of Snowflake Jokes by El McMeen

Two Snowflakes Walk Into a Bar: The Essential Handbook of Snowflake Jokes

by El McMeen

50 pages
Zany new humor genre: "Two snowflakes walk into a bar!"

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About the Book
Whimsy can be defined as "playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor." Fun is "enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure."

Whimsy and fun are terms rarely associated with the legal profession. But El McMeen is not your typical lawyer; nor is Steve Baughman. Both are internationally acclaimed acoustic guitarists, communicators, and authors, and both appreciate a good joke.

In February 2014 Steve came up with an idea for a joke:

“Two snowflakes walk into a bar.”

It turns out that Steve had unknowingly invented or discovered a new genre of joke! El immediately jumped on it, and a flurry and then a blizzard of snowflake jokes from El to Steve ensued. The jokes elicited reactions ranging from chuckles, to laughs, to guffaws, to groans. (The latter represents high praise in the rarefied air of snowflake humor. At least, that’s our story!)

The result is this zany “essential handbook of snowflake jokes!”


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About the Author
El McMeen is a retired New York City lawyer and a graduate of Harvard College and Penn Law School. He is an internationally acclaimed acoustic guitarist, communicator, and author, and has shared humor in many public gatherings, including serving as an after-dinner speaker.



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