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Can THIS Be the Perfect Pet?: (A Humorous Look at Finding the "Right" Pets for Other People) by El McMeen

Can THIS Be the Perfect Pet?: (A Humorous Look at Finding the "Right" Pets for Other People)

by El McMeen

110 pages
Let's have fun with words! Let's use or make up names of the "perfect" pets for certain people. For the coward, how about a "Pusillanimouse!" For the folks who like this idea, the "Punguin!" Come join in the fun!

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Category: Humor
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About the Book
El McMeen has found a new way to have fun with animals! It doesn't involve the petting zoo. It’s playing with words! El's idea is to find animals whose names can be manipulated so that they would be ideal "pets" for certain people or personality types.

For the gal who is always receiving calls from friends who are bored, the perfect pet might be the "Boredom Callee!" The guy at the gym who has pumped a little too much iron might like the "Brawntoosoreus" tagging along with him (were it not extinct).

This book is a laugh-fest, eliciting appropriate groans and guffaws. And if you like the book, El's wife Sheila has the pet for you: the Punguin!


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About the Author
El McMeen is a humorist, an author, a retired lawyer, a musician, and a Christian minister. He also claims to be mildly competent at making paperweights and shell craft.



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