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OBJECTION! OVERRULED! (Or, Two Lawyers Have a Little "Chat" about God and Hell) by Steve Baughman and Ellsworth McMeen

OBJECTION! OVERRULED! (Or, Two Lawyers Have a Little "Chat" about God and Hell)

by Steve Baughman and Ellsworth McMeen

230 pages
Two lawyers "chat" about Christianity, God and hell

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Category: Religion
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About the Book
What happens when two distinguished lawyers decide to have a little “chat” about issues like God, hell, and the Christian faith? What if one is a devout Christian and the other is a devout atheist? Well, sparks and words fly, and over 80 e-mail messages go back and forth during all hours of the night and day for two weeks. The result is this amazing book - passionate, yet humorous; provocative, yet heartfelt. The conversation ranges from hell to emoticons, from philosophical matters of faith and justice to Dixieland jazz, Taylor Swift, and the movie "Ghostbusters."

You'll be chuckling while you ponder deep spiritual matters in this engrossing dialogue.

In the words of Tony Loeffler, President and Co-Founder of the Solid Rock Ministry, "this book is like a great boxing match! Each contender lands his blows, gets back on his feet, and offers mutual respect. A must-read for anyone serious about real-life issues or the Christian faith."

Retired teaching pastor Daniel McEver calls it “a wild ride through an extended discussion between two passionate lawyers. They do not mince words in sharing their thoughts on the existence of God, heaven and hell, God as just or unjust, miracles, revelation, the Scriptures, and reasonable doubt. Their mutual respect, their ability to articulate their thoughts with razor-like precision, coupled with the fact that such deep discussions between Christians and Atheists rarely take place, make this an intriguing and fascinating read for all with the courage to explore their own assumptions about their faith or non-faith."

Professor Andrew Murray calls it "an extraordinary privilege to be allowed to listen in on this conversation of hearts and heads."

People in the 21st century are still fascinated with Jesus and claims of miraculous events. They devour fiction with a Christian backdrop (like "The Da Vinci Code"); millions watch movies and TV series on the Bible. They are passionate about what they claim God did or did not do, or should have done. They debate hell and heaven. The temperature always rises when the conversation turns to the Christian faith.

Yet, there is light as well as heat in this book, and all readers will be stimulated to probe their own minds and hearts on these life-and-death, heaven-and-hell issues. In particular, this vivid book lends itself to Bible studies, and to studies in Christian apologetics, philosophy, and law.


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About the Author
Steve Baughman has practiced law in California for many years. He has pursued advanced studies in philosophy relating to or questioning central doctrines of Christianity.

Ellsworth McMeen practiced law in New York for 28 years. He is in Christian lay ministry and has written extensively on the Christian faith.



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