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LIFESAVER: Rescuing God's People from the PTR Ship by John Finkbeiner

LIFESAVER: Rescuing God's People from the PTR Ship

by John Finkbeiner

324 pages
A critical analysis exposing flaws in the Pre-tribulation rapture position.

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About the Book
Nothing is more crucial to survival during the dark days ahead than knowing the truth. While lies, evil schemes and frauds increase daily, one book— the Bible— stands in stark opposition to deceit. God’s Word shines as a beacon of light, directing the storm-tossed wayfarer safely to the peaceful shore. LIFESAVER was written to expose the hypocrisy, the abuse of trust and the fatal flaws in modern American Christianity’s most popular and trumpeted position on the end times— the Pre-tribulation rapture (PTR) view.

Twenty-five (25) powerful arguments (called “Torpedoes”) are launched from LIFESAVER's pages; each argument sufficient to sink the PTR ship before it invites the innocent to board her for its last, doomed voyage. Without malice, angry rhetoric or unfair personal attacks, chapters such as “The Rapture Isn’t Next,” “Good Fiction,” “Desertion,” and “No Trouble,” dissect the clever speech, remove the façade and expose the holes in an interpretation of prophecy that will not hold water. The only weapon used by LIFESAVER in this war of ideas is Scripture that is rightly interpreted.

Though shooting torpedoes at the flaws, fallacies and inaccuracies in the PTR ship must be done, LIFESAVER has another purpose: The author not only goes after the easy-to-target, weak, supporting pillars of PTR, such as “any moment rapture” and “Christians will escape the Tribulation,” but he provides a thoroughly rational and solidly Biblical alternative for Christians to embrace, the Pre-wrath rapture position. What LIFESAVER wants to alert every sincere believer to is that there is a true Biblical “eschatology” (Doctrine of Last Things) that surfaces when objectively utilizing the “Five Basic Rules of Bible Interpretation.” Sadly, because it threatens their power and prestige, knowledge of the Pre-wrath rapture view is the very thing the PTR elite tries to undermine with distortions or attempts to hide by shutting it out of the debate.

As time runs out on this present age, the Spirit is awakening those who belong to God. It is time for the saints to understand what is false and what is genuine. Since Christ is coming soon, his people are not only to grasp what he has taught, but to proclaim his plan of salvation that was revealed by the prophets. Deliverance will come to those prepared to weather the most severe challenges that believers of any generation have ever faced. LIFESAVER, alongside the Bible, will help make the difference between catastrophe and triumph, between despair and everlasting joy, or between falling short and being an over-comer. It is time for truth; not feel-good theology. It is time for strong faith. It is time for LIFESAVER!


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About the Author
John Finkbeiner Writer/Teacher John Finkbeiner ("The People of God" and "The Prophets of God") specializes in fresh, thought-provoking insight, rational argument and accurate Bible interpretation. His varied ministry background of thirty-five plus years has uniquely prepared him to speak urgently, boldly and clearly to God’s people in the last days.



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