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Bake's Brigade: An End Times Tale by John F. Finkbeiner

Bake's Brigade: An End Times Tale

by John F. Finkbeiner

198 pages
Readers will be drawn into the story by a character who has made many poor decisions that almost cost his life. Instead, through God's hand, people and an evil enemy Bake is transformed into a hero of his day, that still lies in the future.

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Category: Fiction:Dystopian
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About the Book
When Bake Sterling left his hometown for college, he began to leave reality and responsibility behind. His promising life of an athlete of note took on all the characteristics of a self-indulgent, no good, hedonist. He was a drop-out, destined for a regular spot in a soup line, but the Lord had other ideas. He would become the most prominent hero in this tale of dystopian days, the time of chaos that followed America's surrender to an alliance of her most powerful enemies, the Global Peacekeepers or GP for short.

Mysteriously, as a hitch-hiker the Bake who fled his past was introduced to his future by a young family of four. They were using their last gas in the tank to drive to a remote Camp of God for refuge. Once escorted inside, the transformation began, not just in Bake, but in the entire meaning of God's camp of refuge.

With the main theme of "Rescuing love" flowing like a life giving stream throughout the novel, the reader will be introduced to a series of sub-plots, and a multitude of interesting characters. Each character, some inherently good and noble and others nefarious, creates twists and turns that will keep the pages turning and the emotions changing. Fluctuating between tears of laughter to tears of sorrow, and from anger to joy, from defeat to triumph, from mediocrity to excellence and splendor, the book demands we fasten the seat belt throughout our journey. Expect the unexpected as the reader previews the last days from a Camp of God perspective.

It was God's providence that brought Bake together with the ordinary men and women within the Camp of God who would accomplish extraordinary feats. One example is Wendy, a dedicated young mother still in her twenties, who wonders why the Camp's Prayer Team always asks God for protection from the Global Peacekeeper enemies, but never threatens their power or attacks their stronghold.

As Bake rises in the ranks of the Camp's security detail, he proposes the camp forms a team of righteous warriors (Hebrew "Gibor") patterned after Bible heroes like David, Gideon, Joshua, and others who were raised up by God to destroy Israel's enemies. Bake receives the leadership's support and goes to work.

Bake's growing understanding of Jesus' rescuing love coupled with his remorse over his past neglect of his family become seeds for Rescue and Harassment Operations (RNH) on the Global Peacekeeper strongholds. Using Bruce, a key man remaining in the town that Bake once abandoned, bold attacks permanently crippled the GP's ability to control by fear. Saved were family and others who rejected the Global leader's mark of loyalty on the forehead and hand. This included Bake's family and his sister's friend, a young woman named Julie who would later become Bake's wife.

Collectively, the attacks devastated the GP's ability to remain in the Camp Eirene area adding more security to the blessings of camp life. Rescuing love made the team aware that many Camps of God did not have this degree of security.

Unwilling to rest on their laurels, Bake and his team were challenged to save another Camp of God that was being threatened with extinction. Travel was full of risks and options were few. Only the GP-approved were allowed to buy fuel and to be on the road.

The book was set for an exciting conclusion. Miraculous events and clever ruses by Bake and company, achieved the impossible. From the north country to South Alabama, a company of twenty of all ages arrived at Camp of God Rejoice. Prayers were answered and spirits were lifted as a Gibor mentality was infused in the Camp's faithful who were expecting death and disaster.

Camp Leader, Vince Riley, and Bake hit it off instantly. Vince confided in Bake his oath to rescue a hundred nearby prisoners. This conclusion to BAKE'S BRIGADE paves the way for a dramatic sequel.


BAKE'S BRIGADE intertwines themes of faith, sacrifice, and the transformative power of love. A captivating read that is full of twists and turns in this tale of Good vs. Evil.

A must read for those looking forward to the events leading to the soon return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
- Victor Meshach Mwai
Have you ever wondered what the world will be like when a world leader unites humanity under the guise of peace? Enemies of this peace will be considered intolerant and haters who must be eradicated.

While BAKE'S BRIGADE is a fictional account, it is likely an accurate portrayal of what life will be like before Jesus returns. The writer provides Scriptural references to describe a future when persecution unites God's people and lifts them to heights of heroism and love much like the first disciples in the Book of Acts.
- Louis Jacobs Jr.


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About the Author
John Finkbeiner has been writing on Bible prophecy since the 2010 "The People of God." BAKE'S BRIGADE: AN END TIMES TALE is his eighth work, and first prophecy-based novel. Finkbeiner chiefly resides in Kenya, East Africa, where he writes, produces a video podcast and promotes frontier missions.



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