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The Prophets of God by John Finkbeiner

The Prophets of God

by John Finkbeiner

298 pages
It's God's prophets, not the world's end, that are coming soon.

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About the Book
We are at war! When our Lord and King prepares for battle, he first releases a loyal band of servants (prophets) who boldly declare his intentions. Objective observers agree that this world is headed in a very bad direction. The signs for an impending disaster are everywhere. Profiteers are capitalizing on this growing sense of danger, by manufacturing dire end-of-the-world predictions. These false prophecies swirl about as people struggle to make sense of the increasing insanity and violence. Presently, God is selecting and preparing his anointed prophets for a global assault. They will overturn the money-changers’ tables in the compromising and lukewarm church as they announce the coming destruction of the wicked. Even now, Satan is sending a great multitude of his minions to every institution where he has a foothold, in order to undermine the truth and fill the minds of the Biblically uninformed with lies, fear and hatred.

It will take a hero’s courage to read The Prophets of God with an open mind and an open Bible. Taking a Pre-Wrath Rapture position, the arguments contained inside have the power to rock the Christian establishment to its core. If the message in this book becomes widely known, it will thoroughly upset those profiting from the status quo. But that is what the Spirit must do! What comes out of the prophet’s mouth is a two-edged sword that judges each one hearing the message.

Inside The Prophets of God, readers will have a valuable resource as they go forward to the end of this age and the return of Christ. Each page promotes wisdom that comes from God while exposing the deceit that originates in the hell of his defeated foe. Chapters, such as “The King’s Enemy,” “Counterfeits,” “The Sword,” “Captivity,” “The Surprise Judgment,” and “Restoration,” will excite and challenge every Bible student, regardless of their knowledge level.

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Absolutely nothing can stop it! What is contained in The Prophets of God will demonstrate again how “the pen is mightier than the sword.”

Why now? Why this book? It is because it is the season for war. The time for the great battle prophesied at Jesus’ return will soon arrive. Before then, sides will be chosen; men and women will persuade their children and their friends as to whom they should believe. On the day of the Lord’s salvation, those with a future and a hope will all have one thing in common: They recognized, heard and followed The Prophets of God.


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About the Author
John Finkbeiner Writer The People of God/teacher John Finkbeiner's passion for Scripture runs deep as evidenced by his obvious commitment to accurately interpreting the Bible and clearly applying it to prophecy. John's thirty plus years in ministry have included positions as church pastor, chaplain and church planter.



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