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by John F Finkbeiner

162 pages
In these days of deceit, lies and glaring omissions emerges a supreme cover-up, What is the Christian establishment hiding? Why are so many unsure whether Christ or Antichrist appears first? Christians everywhere must read “Thrown to the Ground.”

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
Two Bible verses in 2 Thessalonians (2:3-4) crush a popular falsehood that places the souls of many Christians in grave peril. “Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction...” (NIV)

Among many Christian teachers, why are these verses and their context ignored? Why is truth being replaced by fiction?

In chapters such as “Contempt,” “Not Until,” and “Depraved” the stage is set for the most unheralded future event in the world, the Coming Great Delusion. God’s people will not escape this test.

In a verse-by-verse study that acknowledges Scripture as the only source for truth, “Thrown to the Ground” prepares the Lord's people for a love and loyalty trial that many are destined to fail. There will be no escape from Antichrist's global power. Only a love for truth will save us. Everyone who claims they have faith in God and believes in Christ will be tried by the fire. Preparation is key! Now is the time for action. Every saint and sinner needs to know what to do. We all need “Thrown to the Ground” before "the day of evil," then it is too late.


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About the Author
For over two decades, pastor and teacher John Finkbeiner has been dedicated to accurately interpreting Bible prophecy. He has written six books, including THE PROPHETS, PRIESTS AND KINGS SERIES to prepare God's people for the last days. John serves in East Africa where he teaches God's front-line disciple-makers.



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