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The Testimony of Jesus: The Words of God's Holy Prophet by John F. Finkbeiner

The Testimony of Jesus: The Words of God's Holy Prophet

by John F. Finkbeiner

160 pages
In THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS we discover a great treasure. Hidden in plain sight are gems that challenge the comfortable with seldom heard truths. Admittedly not for the faint-hearted, THE WORDS OF GOD'S HOLY PROPHET first wound, then heal blessed saints. Salvation and truth remain under attack making this an urgent read for everyone with eyes to see.

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About the Book
“The Testimony of Jesus” had to be written and, therefore, needs to be read, studied then acted upon. The days in which we live teem with factual misrepresentations, outright falsehoods, key omissions and leaders who play fast and loose with the truth. Surely we are near the end of the age.

In each of the 22 chapters, a separate facet of "The Testimony of Jesus" is brought into view. There is one standard by which we measure truth; it is the straight vertical line that points to the Highest Heaven where God is enthroned. Another name for this straight line is the Word of God or Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

When God's Word or the Scripture is misapplied, misstated or thrown into the mud, then Truth will give way to the Lie. Truth must be loved or it will make itself absent at least until it is sought again. The Light of God dims because men love darkness more than the light. Take heart, the Light of Truth will never be extinguished, for a day is coming when Jesus' testimony will be all there is.

Inside "The Testimony of Jesus" we see that Jesus is the Word and the Word of God is Jesus. Sermons and books such as this run the risk of watering down what the Lord said, leaving out or explaining away the hard sayings and Scripture's troubling prophecies. It is with the utmost regard for completeness and accuracy, as well as awareness of the fearful warnings to anyone who alters Jesus' words, that the writer began and ended this noble undertaking.

This book goes back to the source, the Word itself, to represent God’s Words--the red ink, black, blue or whatever color—just as the spirit of prophecy intended, for the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus.

The authority with which Jesus spoke packed a punch that shut the mouths of his opposition and amazed the people. The same authority from God was gifted to the Apostles then felt by the gospel's friends and enemies. It is hoped that the power of the testimony of Jesus will explode in the heart and mind of each reader in a wonderful, transforming way. Is not His Word like fire?

At first readers may become angry with the writer or with the content, but this emotion is misplaced. Why be upset with the messenger or the message? Take it up with the originator, the Creator of The Word. Maybe no one told you what Jesus, our Savior, is really like and you never discovered it for yourself. It is time we became wise. God's people perish for lack of knowledge. Why perish when God wants us to have LIFE?

The proof of the book's reliability is in the Scriptures for all to see. It is in the book's pages where the passages of testimony are cited or quoted. Read them then examine their context. Do not be deceived; instead, be enlightened by the Spirit of God.

"The Testimony of Jesus" encourages rational thinking and critical analysis or putting each thought to the test. The writer did, and so did the book's Bible-minded editors; readers must as well. Truth is transformational but only when we recognize it and then obey. You will read that what Jesus said came from directly from the Father. His testimony will challenge readers and inspire their faith to take a giant step forward by submitting to Him. God's idea has always been to produce Christ-likeness in His Son's disciples. In following truth wherever it leads, we find the narrow path that leads to eternal salvation.

Buckle up. We may wonder why we ever sat behind the wheel for this. Some of the book may seem bumpy but the prize at the end will be well worth it. Allow the Word to dwell in you heart richly. Meditate and pray. You may not agree, but think for yourself. Let the evidence from the true and faithful witness of God do the persuading. You will want company on this magnificent journey so share "The Testimony of Jesus" with a friend and watch what happens.


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About the Author
Pastor, teacher, writer, John Finkbeiner, discovered his passion and life’s work as a student of Bible prophecy after a lengthy career that combined pastoral ministry with helping prisoners. Over the last decade, he has produced four books acclaimed for their accuracy and insight. The Testimony of Jesus is the 5th.



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