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by Ron Starr

368 pages
The journey of one man through life.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
For most humans, life is a journey, an odyssey dictated by a map prescribed by their deity. But what of a narcissist, a man driven only by an inflated sense of self, a man defined by contempt for the weak—and the strong if they challenged him, say a man like Colt McCloud? Do such men possess a map dictated by a deity?

Ask Colt and his answer would be, “Of course. I crafted such a map at the age of fourteen.”

It was at this early age that Colt made three vows. No person would be allowed to impede or obstruct him as he goose-stepped through life. He would conduct his life driven by a narcissistic certainty that he understood how the world worked. Finally, Colt would use this knowledge to increase his wealth, prestige, and power through leverage and manipulation, even if his reckless and destructive behavior caused others to suffer.

But after steamrolling people and events to bolster his place near the pinnacle of capitalism’s pyramid, Colt discovered that instead of narcissistic nirvana, his map had led him to the brink of insanity.


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About the Author
Ron Starr Ron Starr is the author of multiple novels ranging from mysteries to human interest stories. Starr’s mysteries include a nice blend of suspense and history interleaved with supernatural entities, while his human interest stories address the struggles people face as they cope with life’s challenges.



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