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Retribution by R. E. Starr


by R. E. Starr

398 pages
Gruesome hangings and a yacht theft lead to ancient mysteries.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
On a small windswept and tidal ravaged island a protector plants the seeds of man's destruction and forces Mother Earth to nurture his evil wards over a four hundred year span. Growing more impatient with each passing century, this violent and malevolent entity waits on the island for the return of the protector, a man charged with unleashing death on an unsuspecting world.

Before the protector can release the enraged entity, seemingly unrelated hangings and the theft of an antique yacht stymies local authorities and the FBI until two novelists, Brock and Sarah London, receive a clue provided by a mysterious and unidentified letter writer.

The letter and its clues draw Brock, a detective novelist, and Sarah, a creator of childrenís stories based on ancient myths, deeper and deeper into a mystery that threatens their lives and their souls as they doggedly follow a killing trail across years and locales.

Unable to convince the FBI a threat to the human race is real, Brock and Sarah pursue the killer using only their wits and an occasional clue provided by the mysterious letter writer.

A final confrontation threatening the future of humanity erupts between the novelists supported by a small eclectic band of would-be warriors and the protector charged with unleashing the islandís evil on the world.


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About the Author
R. E. Starr is the author of multiple supernatural suspense and detective novels. In his stories, the author creates fictional accounts of people driven to overcome unnatural and monstrous forces for evil by using little more than their wits to elicit assistance from equally unusual but virtuous entities. Exhibiting a wry sense of lifeís comedies through amusing moments, the author allows his characters to lighten all but the most extreme struggles.



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