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Mounds by Ron Starr


by Ron Starr

396 pages
Open your mind. Leap into Mounds, a supernatural detective story.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Shortly after leaving the savannah, early humans recorded the first of what would become a vast and diverse collection of ancient stories. Using verbal skills, pictorial representations, and ultimately written language, our ancestors sought to describe personal and tribal celebrations as well as catastrophic events. These accounts chronicled the destruction of individuals, villages, and whole societies. The ancients, unable to provide any other explanation for these disasters, assigned blame to their angry and venomous gods, deities determined to punish man and keep him subservient.

Modern men, believing ancient gods represented nothing more than figments of underdeveloped and paranoid minds, stepped into this void and explained away these stories as unproven myths emanating from early man's lack of enlightened understanding.

But are they unproven, or are the proofs we seek lost in the mists of time - eagerly awaiting an open mind to discover them?

Open your mind and leap into Mounds, a supernatural detective story introducing a myriad of 20th century characters following the trail of an ancient myth, a story of two unusual siblings two intelligent and warring storms. Through cosmic chance, nature gave birth to these storms, the Ying and Yang of the skies. They evolved over a billion years from lonely and naive children of the sky to divergent forces representing man's constant struggle between the forces of good and evil.

Moving swiftly into and through the 20th century after a brief introduction, Mounds and its eclectic cast of characters will capture your heart and your mind as an unknown force gathers our diverse set of heroes together on one fateful day. With the future of mankind at stake, this force prepares our brave participants for the ultimate battle.


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About the Author
R. E. Starr is the author of multiple supernatural suspense and detective novels. In his stories, the author creates fictional accounts of people driven to overcome unnatural and monstrous forces for evil by using little more than their wits to elicit assistance from equally unusual but virtuous entities.



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