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Welcome to the Ahwahnee by R. E. Starr

Welcome to the Ahwahnee

by R. E. Starr

312 pages
eclectic characters share adventurous romps through paintings to intersecting worlds

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book

Welcome to the Ahwahnee chronicles an explosion of conflicts across intersecting worlds. In recording the adventures, the author introduces the wonder of the multiverse to the average reader using an eclectic cast of characters and their experiences with parallel worlds in an ever-tightening march towards a dramatic conclusion.

Germany, 1934. The story opens with Karl Schlesinger encountering twins who appear out of thin air. They encourage him to flee Germany before Hitler destroys the world. Karl and his wife, Frieda immigrate to America, and settle in New Jersey. Frieda delivers five sons and one daughter, Sabrina.

The novel moves into WWII where the tale acquaints a reader with Andrei Karpov and Razlov Petrenko, friends and professors. Andrei and Razlov join the Russian army. Each man encounters parallel worlds during battles. Andrei and Razlov's wives give birth and die, leaving Andrei a son, Mika, and Razlov a daughter, Natalia. After the war, Andrei and Razlov escape to the west, and settle in Seattle.

The story introduces Wilhelm Adler, a German tank commander. He battles an American Sherman tank at point blank range in the desert of Tunisia in 1943. Neither suffers a hit. The Americans capture Adler, and send him to Texas. He meets his future wife, Bionda, who delivers their first son, Kurt. After the war the Adler family moves to Seattle.

During the next thirty years the story interweaves all characters. Natalia meets Kurt when she helps him find his sister at an Elvis Presley concert. Sabrina and Natalia become college roommates and best friends. Kurt joins the police force. Sabrina attends law school in Seattle and joins the King County DA's office. Natalia and Mika marry. Kurt and Sabrina meet as colleagues working a rape case. They marry and start their detective agency after Kurt suffers a gunshot wound stopping a holdup.

In March of 1979, Mika buys a painting from a sidewalk vendor. The artist, who signs his work T.K., paints the windows of a mountain lodge to reflect light from within. Mika and Natalia disappear a few days later. Kurt discovers Mika and Natalia used the painting as a portal to another world. They jump to the Ahwahnee hotel in 1928 where they meet Mr. Rhodes, the curator of T. K's homeroom, the place in which hundreds of paintings hang, each allowing intersection with a different parallel world. Watchers and Messengers guard the portals. Mika and Natalia, as well as Karl, Wilhelm, Andrei and Razlov, who follow them, experience multiple adventures traveling through the multiverse. Karl and Wilhelm die killing Hitler in 1934 Germany. Andrei and Razlov remain in 1941 Russia with their wives.

Kurt and Sabrina search for T. K. hoping they can convince him to create a painting of 1979 so all travelers can return home. They discover a Boston mobster; Mr. K., stole the painting from a Maine potato farmer, T. K. The story concludes with a blazing gun battle between Mr. K., his men, and Kurt, Sabrina, T. K., a Watcher and Messengers.


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About the Author
R. E. Starr uses knowledge absorbed from life's lessons to create fictional accounts of ordinary people caught in extraordinary situations. His stories chronicle the constant struggle between good and evil while exhibiting a wry sense of life's comedies. This allows his characters to lighten all but the most extreme struggles.



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