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THE INN: A Cocoa Beach Ghost Story by Ron Starr

THE INN: A Cocoa Beach Ghost Story

by Ron Starr

384 pages
Be sure and check out at the front desk.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Stay as a welcome guest of The Inn at Cocoa Beach, and if you have the nerve—request room 107. For it is within these walls that many have met a fate few can imagine and even fewer desire.

Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones who check in and checkout without experiencing anything beyond a periodic ice-cold breath of air caressing the back of your neck, or a feeling that an ethereal spirit is watching you, or a nagging sensation defined only by your soul—something is not right about the room.

Or maybe you’ll be one of the unlucky few to have all your senses explode as you discover first hand what is not right about room 107. These guests check in but never check out—at least not through the front desk.

Meet Jerry Kelly, the Inn’s desk manager who first discovers a series of clues that encourage him to search deeper into the mystery behind room 107. And then follow Kurt and Sabrina, the hero and heroine from Welcome to the Ahwahnee, as they track a mysterious disappearance in Seattle. The Adler’s search leads them to The Inn at Cocoa Beach where they enlist the aid of Lucius Silva Flavius, a lovable but cantankerous local historian, and Jerry Kelly.

Ride along with these four and other intriguing and mysterious characters as they delve deep into a mystery that appears more impenetrable each time they uncover a new clue.

And finally, live every frightening moment as the four confront a mind-boggling ancient secret.


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About the Author
Ron Starr Ron Starr is the author of multiple supernatural suspense and detective novels. In his stories, Starr creates fictional accounts of people driven to overcome evil forces by using little more than their wits. Exhibiting a wry sense of life’s comedies through amusing moments, Starr allows his characters to lighten all but the most extreme struggles.



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