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The Phosphor-Dot Gallery by Robert E. Mueller

The Phosphor-Dot Gallery

by Robert E. Mueller

106 pages
Adventures of a young artist trying to discover his personal style and place in the art world.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
The artist John Flower is enamored with Susan Swain whom he meets at the prestigious Swain Gallery. He studies in Greenwich Village, and saves from a menial job to go to Italy. There he meets Lila Perretti, a prostitute who is about to emigrate to Boston, and takes her as his model and mistress. Back in the US with many paintings he has a successful One Man Show. He asks Susan marry him, but she is not ready. He goes up to Boston to visit Lila, who is changed by American salons and dentists into a beautiful woman! John realizes the impossibility of marrying her. He returns to the city and finds Susan waiting, ready to move in.


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About the Author
Bob Mueller began drawing as a boy. He sketched ports-of-call during War II on a USN DE. After the war he received degrees from MIT and NYU on the GI Bill. At MIT he studied art theory with Gygory Kepes, and at NYU he studied aesthetics with the philosopher Albert Hofstadter, and art techniques with Myrwyn Eaton and Samuel Adler. He studied woodcut printing with Antonio Frasconi and has woodcut prints in many museums here and abroad, including the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art and MoMA in NYC, and the V&A in London. He began writing and illustrating books (Inventivity, The Inventor’s Notebook, Eyes in Space, and The Science of Art, published by John Day). Other novels are on The cover art is a Mueller abstraction.



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