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The Secret Sex Life of Pablo Picasso, A Novel by Robert E Mueller

The Secret Sex Life of Pablo Picasso, A Novel

by Robert E Mueller

109 pages
A literary novel about two young painters in Florence Italy, searching for the key to Pablo Picasso's creativity.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
In 1954 two young artists, Ken Black an Englishman, and Jeff Bianco, an American, encounter each other in Southern France searching for Picasso. Ken feels that Picassoís creativity is related to his sexuality and climbs a tree to look into his bedroom; Jeff just wants to work near the great man and accidentally sees Ken peeping. Both disillusioned they decide to meet later in Florence, Italy and set up together to find themselves artistically. Ken hitchhikes (refusing money from the more affluent Jeff); Jeff takes the train and arrives in Florence first. He meets a retired American woman who finds recommends a beautiful old Villa for him to work; she also enlists him to help tutor two pretty Italian girls, Allegra and Rosina, who are going to England to live with their aunt. When Ken arrives his tales of seduction upset the more naive Jeff. They set up in the Villa but are unable to get to work. Ken proceeds to seduce various Italian women and does a series of beautiful nude sketches. Jeff laboriously completes a series of abstract oils and is able to have a show in a local gallery. At the opening Jeff falls madly in love with Rosina, but he learns later that Ken had seduced her previously. Their friendship strained Ken decides to return to England, hitchhiking over the Alps. He accidentally dies during a snow storm. When Jeff assembles Kenís art to ship back to England he discovers a little notebook with difficult-to-decipher notations about Picassoís incredible sex life.


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About the Author
Born in St. Louis, Missouri April 3, 1925 Bob Mueller has been writing since a boy. He joined the Navy and went to sea and saw action during World War II. He went to school at MIT and NYU. He studied art in New York City and has prints in the Museum of Modern Art and the Met in New York city and many museums throughout the world. He has published four non-fiction books, and written ten novels and many poems. His novel entitled ABRACADABRA is also listed on Booklocker.



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