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Music Mads Me by Robert E Mueller

Music Mads Me

by Robert E Mueller

141 pages
Developing the story of the birth and death of a major new NYC symphony orchestra, this novel contrasts wealthy music patrons against journey-men-and-women musicians.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
This novel revolves around the birth (and death) of a major new symphony orchestra in New York City. The octogenarian Howard Simpson, a wealthy lumber magnet, as a youth aspired to be a concert pianist and conductor. He gave up his dream when judged by Vladimir Horowitz to be untalented, and went into the family business. The novel begins when Howard attends a concert of a Baroque group supported by his wife Janet, an avid patron of the arts. He realizes that the small group could be turned into a great orchestra, thus fulfilling a childhood dream. He approaches an old friend, the oboist and legendary intellectual Dr. Boris Martz, and instructs him to hire musicians, get Carnegie Hall, and perform the great Mahlerís Eighth Symphony, money no object. The novel revolves around this orchestra and two conductors (Rolf Zweig dismissed after one rehearsal, and Jacqueline Stafford who carries through the final concert), and several important members of the orchestra (Lou Donati, bassoon; Ray Frazer, flute; and others). Later Howard Simpson commissions a World Requiem, based on poetry written by the black poet Weldon Knight, and music by Jeremy Allen, a brilliant composer, both whom Janet discovered. The novel explores the contemporary music world, the life styles of the patrons of the arts, the difficulties musicians have making a living, their haunts and love lives, and the general musical ambiance of New York City.


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About the Author
Bob Mueller was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1925. He served in the Navy during World War II. He received degrees from MIT and New York University. In NYC he studied flute with Jimmy Politis, first flute at the Met; Samuel Baron, who began the New York Woodwind Quintet; and music theory with Fritz Rikko, a violist and music archivist. He is an artist with woodcut prints in many museums including the Met and MoMA in NYC. He is married to Diana, a retired lawyer; and has two married children, Erik (married to Susanna Fischer, and grandchild, Matthew Edward), and Rachel (married to Andrew Mueller-Lust).



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