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ABRACADABRA by Robert E Mueller


by Robert E Mueller

107 pages
While playing Charlie and a friend find clues that exonerate his father of a murder.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Charlie Werner, a precocious and adventurous 13-year old, describes events that took place during the summer of 1938. He lives with his family above their bakeshop in a suburb of St. Louis. When school leaves out he and his friend Nick Levy plan an adventurous summer: building a dug-out cave; planning a secret path over back fences; locating prime roofs for peeping into bedrooms; and hiking out to an old swimming hole to spy on naked girls. Charlie is an Amateur Radio operator; he also plans on increasing his world-wide radio contacts over the summer; he also expects to work on photography and his magic routines. Uncle Jack, his motherís brother, is a stylish man who works at the Bakerís Union (and is rumored to be engaged in shady deals). He is friendly to Charlie and takes him downtown to see Blackstone the magician. He also surreptitiously loans August Werner money to purchase a new home. One day he is found murdered, especially horrifying Charlie. Facts about his loan to Charlieís father are uncovered, and August is accused and jailed. During the course of their wandering Charlie and Nick discover clues that lead to the exoneration of August Werner.


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About the Author
Bob Mueller has been writing since he was a boy. He was born in St. Louis April 3, 1925. He joined the Navy and saw action in the Mediterranean. After the war he went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and New York University. He settled in New Your City studying art. His woodcuts are in many museums here and abroad (MoMA, the Met, V&A, Etc). Recently he had a 60-Year retrospective. He has been writing since a boy. ABRACADABRA is largely autobiographical.



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