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Trouble in Trenton by Robert E Mueller

Trouble in Trenton

by Robert E Mueller

108 pages
Tracy Major, a promising basketball player, and the beautiful Elizabeth Beauregard going to Johns Hopkins, are ensnared in a Trenton drug war, with disastrous results.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
Tracy Major is a bright, brooding young man who is an exceptional basketball player; Isabelle Beauregard is a naf and very beautiful young woman who is a pre-med student expecting acceptance to Johns Hopkins Medical School. Tracy rushes home in response to an ambiguous phone call from his mother, having completed his final triumphant game. Despite admonitions from his coach (the scouts wanted interviews) Tracy discovers that his father was murdered over drugs -- liquor, yes, but drugs, impossible! With vengeance in his heart he sets out to discover the culprit. Isabelle anxiously awaits her scholarship, working the summer as a nurse in a city hospital. One day she meets a young man who talks to her of things she knew she should learn about someday -- why not now, with him? She learns that the man is an evil pimp who wants to seduce her and enlist her in his staple of whores! And she also learns that the man works for her seemingly milquetoast father! Tracy's trail for his father's killer leads to a drug war on an island in the Delaware River. He encounters him and they fight, killing the man, and is himself mortally wounded. City women learn about the battle and Isabelle swims to the island searching for her father. She finds the wounded Tracy and succors him. Ignorant of the facts she gives Tracy bad drugs she thinks are pain killers They both learn unexpected truths about their fathers. When Isabelle realizes that the drugs are bad and Tracy is dying, she takes some herself. They both have incredible love hallucinations and die in each other's arms.


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About the Author
Bob Mueller was born in 1925 in St. Louis, Missouri. He attended Southwest High there, joined the Navy, and was sent to MIT on the GI Bill for his BS. He attended New York University where he received a BA in Philosophy/Aesthetics. He studied art with Myrwyn Eaton, Gregorio Prestopino and Ben Shahn. He has woodcuts are in many museums world wide, including the Met and MoMA in NYC, and in London at the V&A. He has published four books: The Science of Art, Inventivity, Eyes in Space, and the Inventor's Notebook (John Day). He presently lives in Roosevelt, New Jersey with his wife.



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