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Harmonics and Shaken Hope by Renee W. Peek

Harmonics and Shaken Hope

by Renee W. Peek

268 pages
A meteoroid strikes the planet Ilios. Its strange vibration endangers all life there. The alien stones must be stilled.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi:Metaphysical
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About the Book
Sparrow Basque called on the scientists of Adelphi when a large meteoroid struck her world of Ilios. Dr. Seka Horvat together with her fellow academics were overly excited for the opportunity to examine the object. Maddy and Nadia accompanied them with the hope of a new adventure. Blithely making their way to examine the stones they were unaware of the dissonant harmonic the rock was communicating to the planet and unfortunately anyone or anything that came close. It nearly killed them all.

The leaders from several worlds gathered to devise a plan to save the planet, the stones had to be quelled. Maddison and Nadia volunteered for the mission, but they were told they were too old, as the vibration was tolerated better in the young. Both women bemoaned their age based dismissal but agreed to coach the more youthful team. The five volunteers had no qualms about the dangers facing them. They unanimously committed themselves to the challenge, applying their energy and determination along with a bevy of tech. The question remained, would it be enough.


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About the Author
Renee W. Peek Renee has been called the crazy chicken lady, the crazy llama lady, and most recently the crazy goat lady, and she's proud of it. Living in the north woods of Wisconsin, she calls her place Bear Run, because the first year there were 18 different bears that visited her home. She is a retired vocational teacher. Now her only job is to enjoy the adventure that every day brings.



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