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New Hope for The World by Renee W. Peek

New Hope for The World

by Renee W. Peek

258 pages
The devil is real and he followed us. How can we stop him?

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Category: Fiction:SciFi:Metaphysical
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About the Book
Maddison Bearís Heart struggled to come back to herself after a devastating injury. She took to her chair by the lake, watching life pass her by. He husband called in the only power he knew able to bring her out of the hole she was in, the shamans. They took Maddison to the place of power, the sacred place. There she found the confidence and the courage to fight back. She worked hard to reawaken her true self.

When she found her strength, she was able once again to see the joy of Adelphi. Unfortunately that was short lived. As she reacquainted herself with this world she spotted a drone but could not believe it was true. There was no tech on this world. More evidence unfolded and she realized they were not alone. A ship from earth survived the end of the fourth world. It followed them. It was a ship of destruction and greed. They had come to rape this world to take all she had to offer and return to earth to sell it to those who were rebuilding their empires.

Storm De Wees the owner of the ship claimed Adelphi as his own. He warned the residents if they got in his way they would suffer. Some of the former military personnel that found themselves stuck on this world gladly joined De Wees. They willingly shared all they knew of the residents and the world. Putting everyone in danger.

They had to stop Storm at all costs. But how can so few battle so many. They had no weapons no technology nothing but hope. Yet it was that hope which woke the power of the planets. Together they could stop the destruction. The connection to the planets awoke power in many, some very unlikely allies surfaced.


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About the Author
Renee W. Peek I have been called the crazy chicken lady, the crazy llama lady and most recently the crazy goat lady, and proud of it. Living in the north woods of Wisconsin we call our place Bear Run, because our first year there were 18 different bears that visited our home. I am a retired vocational teacher. Now my only job is to enjoy the adventure that every day brings us.



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