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Trust in Hope for Our World by Renee W. Peek

Trust in Hope for Our World

by Renee W. Peek

270 pages
The ship left much behind, toxins, equipment, and now people. Will they allow evil to return?

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Category: Fiction:SciFi:Metaphysical
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About the Book
With a shield now in place the planet Adelphi was safe from any ships landing again. The community relaxed and focused on immersing themselves in life on this new world. Toxins were discovered in one of the streams. In the investigation to uncover the contaminant they were shocked to find a mining crew had been forgotten on the planet. They were left behind by Storm, a huge mistake.

The crew was led by Dr. Una Horvat a geo scientist, a brilliant and highly valued asset of Storm De Wees. She was possessed by her work. With the ship gone, and little of her equipment remaining, she focused her efforts on finding a way to bringing the ship back.

Nadia knew of Dr. Horvat. She thought she could get Una to stand down her plans and convince her and the rest of the scientists how devastating Stormís revenge would be on those that bested him. Trying to persuade her that it would be deadly to bring Storm back, opened a door of fury in the doctor she had closed off long ago. Who would she focus her anger on? Would she still want Storm back? Would Adelphi be lost?


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About the Author
Renee W. Peek Renee is a retired vocational teacher. She lives in the north woods of Wisconsin with her husband, a dog, a coop full of chickens, and four remarkably entertaining goats. She enjoys writing, but more importantly she enjoys her characters. She is always surprised at what they get up to.



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