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Hope For a New World by Renee W. Peek

Hope For a New World

by Renee W. Peek

370 pages
We warned you the world would end and guess what? We were right. The fifth world is coming. Gaia and her people must prepare.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi:Metaphysical
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About the Book
We warned you the world would end and guess what we were right.

The Hopi people have long known this world will end and the earth will be reborn into the fifth world. Maddison Bearís Heart, an environmental attorney, is sought out and chosen by those who speak to the earth and know her as a sentient being named Gaia. They ask Maddison to lead them through the coming of the fifth world.

As she finally accepts this task, a young girl tells her Adelphi, Gaiaís sister welcomes them to travel to her, a new planet. The corporate military is glad to see the back of these eco nuts trying to protect the planet, they are happy to provide a ship to send them away. Colonel Miller would prefer a more permanent end to the protesters. He sabotages the ship and hunts down those who have stayed behind. Will any survive? They have hope and each other. Women powered by hope, a force for sure.


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About the Author
Renee Peek is a retired teacher living in Wisconsin's north woods with her husband, a faithful dog and a bevy of beasts. There is a coop full of entertaining chickens, a barn with four goats that are always looking for ways to cause trouble. Life there is filled with all the challenges of nature but all her awe as well.



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