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Hope Lost by Renee W. Peek

Hope Lost

by Renee W. Peek

236 pages
There is dissension on the council. The secret and power of a people thought lost but merely hidden is revealed.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi
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About the Book
The council is made up of people, people of power for sure, but still people, making them subject to the vagaries of men. There occasionally arises dissent from within on how council should govern. Long ago a faction rose thinking people should not be allowed the freedom of choice, they should be kept in their place. There was at that time a people in Nova Scotia that was becoming powerful. Instead of reveling in the joy of their growth, some on the council persecuted them for it. Welania a council member at the time took it on herself to secretly move them to another world, hiding them to keep them safe.

Welania eventually rose to lead the council. Over a century later she saw it happening again, the desire to control, only this time was worse. The faction wishing to have dominion over the freedoms allowed the humans, had no compunction about the taking of lives to gain control of the council, and further their agenda. Welania would need help to keep the council and all life safe, she would turn to those she rescued so long ago. Though this fight would not be won easily, would not be without loss.


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About the Author
Renee W. Peek Renee has been called the crazy chicken lady, the crazy llama lady, and most recently the crazy goat lady, and she's proud of it. Living in the north woods of Wisconsin, she calls her place Bear Run, because the first year there were 18 different bears that visited her home. She is a retired vocational teacher. Now her only job is to enjoy the adventure that every day brings.



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