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Christmas With My Brother Wolfgang by Suzanne Pollock

Christmas With My Brother Wolfgang

by Suzanne Pollock

38 pages
This Christmas story introduces Maria Anna and her brother Wolfgang Mozart. We discover that Maria is as talented as Wolfgang. Hope you enjoy learning of their friendship and love of music.

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Category: Music
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About the Book
Christmas with my brother Wolfgang written by Suzanne Pollock takes you on a fun trip back in time to spend the Christmas season in the beautiful country of Austria.

Wolfgang Mozart still remains a world famous composer. Yet, we discovered after extensive research that Maria Anna Mozart who was five years older than her brother was indeed his earliest teacher. She loved her younger brother and saw his talent so she taught him technique then wrote down his music with her quill pen.

Wolfgang became her partner because he would then sing her piano melodies over and over so she could write them down. As children they loved to play together outside on wintry days with the neighbor kids having snowball fights. We also learned that Wolfgang nicknamed Wolfi wrote daily letters to his sister Maria Anna, nicknamed Nannerl every single day of his life from everyplace in the world until his early death. Imagine no phones, no online communication , instead the letters were carried by horseback to him everywhere in the world that Wolfgang was preforming.

Friendship and love for one another topped off by their love of music was the lifeline for this talented brother and sister.

This book also delves into the Christmas traditions of the time including a visit from ChristKind.

Thank you for reading Christmas with my brother Wolfgang. I hope you experience the fun of their Christmas season as the love of music filled the Mozart home at Nr9 Salzburg, Austria.


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About the Author
Suzanne Pollock is retired music teacher that still loves to sing, play piano and share my love of music with others. I was always of fan of Wolfgang Mozart but for years I wasnít aware of his talented sister Maria Anna Mozart. Hope you enjoy reading about both Mozart children.



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