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O Dolce, The Singing Dinosaur by Suzanne Pollock

O Dolce, The Singing Dinosaur

by Suzanne Pollock

38 pages
Dolce is the only girl in her family of Pterodactyl dinosaurs who live where food, water and shelter is getting scarcer by the day. Dolce is injured in the flight to a new land. Will they ever find her? She has no choice. She must sing.

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Category: Children:Performing Arts
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About the Book
Do you like dinosaurs? Do you like music?

This book, The Singing Dinosaur by Suzanne Pollock, is a fiction story designed for you to ponder the question - Did dinosaurs sing?

Dolce, the only girl in the Deeno family is born as her family is wondering if they can stay in this Pastorale Valley much longer. Their food, water and shelter is disappearing day by day. Ty the older brother has nicknamed his sister AG for awful girl because she canít possibly be a warrior or hunter. Dolce proves them wrong. She can fly fast, really fast even though sheís a small Pterodactyl, she can also hunt and fish AND she can SING!

Dolce sings every day with the few remaining crickets and birds. This does not make her brothers happy because these creatures are part of their food source. Ty decides itís time to move to a new land but Dolce is too noisy to come with them. Dolce promises she will never sing again, so off the family goes.

Danger goes with them. Dolce is injured so she and her mother seek shelter. Can the brothers find them in the dense forest, and massive mountains? Thereís only one way.

Read this adventure of the Deeno family of dinosaurs to see if they are reunited.


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About the Author
A retired music teacher Suzanne Pollock is always trying to find an enticing idea to allow readers to contemplate the idea that music is everywhere and has been for eons. Itís a beautiful way to communicate, itís fun and it can be used by any one. Maybe even the dinosaurs.



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