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Did You Get My Message? by Suzanne Pollock

Did You Get My Message?

by Suzanne Pollock

178 pages
An adventure with Jessica and Angelina into a new world where they meet characters who encourage them to become. It's fiction but transformational when you read Did You Get My Message?

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
Did You Get My Message offers the reader a journey with Jessica and Angelina into a new world. After a tragic accident they find themselves in a crazy, totally different place unlike their small hometown. This place in the universe is inhabited by genuine yet transformed humans who together are on a mission. With the teaching and encouragement of many archangels they transform physically becoming an invisible being who communicates by telepathy. In spite of this they still love their parents, hang gliding and apple pie.

Jessica and Angelina are curious yet rebel against this painful, scary transformation. They don't understand but together endure the process while resisting daily temptations from the seven evil guys. From their first moments they are welcomed and assured they will be loved and learn their leadership ability and compassionate hearts will be used.

To maintain this new world along with millions of others who inhabit this new place Jessica and Angelina must work daily to helps humans in their old world on planet earth. How can a being from the bigger universe help humans on earth? This fictional story is fun but very realistic as they help us finally answer the question: Did You Get My Message?

I hope you enjoy delving into this fictional idea about what might be the afterlife. But please realize this book is also about today.

Does the book have a goal? Yes. We humans have only one goal: to LOVE one another. Throughout this book the action verb Love is shown in many ways and circumstances to all humans. Can we do this? Yes. Just like Jessica and Angelina it continues to take humanity a while to get the message.

So please be careful that Jessica doesn't have to use her specialize trick to get your attention. My hope is that by the end of this book there will be no doubt you will know the answer to the question: Did You Get My Message?


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About the Author
Combining a love of music and writing Suzanne Pollock presented musical concepts in her music classes incorporating original rhythmic speech song, puppet plays, stories about instruments, composers, etc. This love has continued in retirement with the creation of: The LUTHIERS: JoAnn and Mr. Gustov and Did You Get My Message?



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