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Do Fish Sing? by Suzanne Pollock

Do Fish Sing?

by Suzanne Pollock

18 pages
Jeremy and Grandpa head out to catch a batch of fish for the familyís fish fry. But, Alexander appears from the deep waters of the lake to entertain them in Do Fish Sing?

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
Do Fish Sing? Could be? Jeremy is happy when Grandpa calls to invite him on a fishing trip that morning. For the family fish fry tonight theyíre going to need a big batch of fish to cook, so off they go to their favorite lake. Itís raining but as you know fish always bite when it rains. As this storm builds, the winds push their boat to the deep waters of the lake. In the turbulence a fish jumps into their boat and immediately runs around the rim on his tail fin. But thatís just the beginning of this adventure with Alexander, the musical, magical fish. Startled Jeremy just canít believe what heís seeing, while Grandpa cheers Alexander on. So the question for you is: Do Fish Sing?


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About the Author
Suzanne Pollock is a former music teacher who loved to create new methods to teach curriculum which she hoped her students would use all their lives. Science teaches us that all mammals communicate so this fiction story is about a very talented fish. Hope you enjoy Do Fish Sing?



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