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The Fountain: A ROMANCE by David Gatesbury

The Fountain: A ROMANCE

by David Gatesbury

202 pages
Giselle Capretta takes a job at an art institute in Italy where there's an old and majestic fountain. Attracted to her supervisor, widower Alec Stahlberg, but a charming artist named Bernardo Abbadelli pursues her. When learning what's holding back Alec, she must make the most important decision of her life.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Giselle, a young Chicagoan working at a museum, takes an opportunity to work at an art institute in Tivoli, Italy, outside of Rome. She meets the institute’s chief administrator, widower Alec Stahlberg, and soon to be wed Vickie Sapienti, the office manager. Vickie’s ceremony will be held on the institute’s grounds where a very old and majestic fountain is currently undergoing repairs to be operational for the celebration. Training to become Vickie’s replacement, Giselle finds Stahlberg possesses a charismatic mystique, but Bernardo Abbadelli, a charming and captivating artist with a reputation as a womanizer, moves fast for winning her affections. Stahlberg tries to discourage their courtship, but his words go unheeded. When Giselle begins to suspect Bernardo is a philanderer, she no longer wants to see him, but the persuasive painter is persistent. In the meanwhile, Alec and Giselle become drawn to each other, leaving her caught between receiving attention from these two men. Her attraction to Alec grows, but something’s holding him back, leaving her bewildered and downhearted for not knowing what stands in their way. When finally learning the obstacle, she must make perhaps the most important decision of her life.


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About the Author
David Gatesbury is a lifelong native St. Louisan who has written books since the early eighties. He wife is Marianne and he has two grown children named Matthew and Julie. Other titles written by Gatesbury are: Walking on Mars and Walking on Mars II, a set of suspenseful detective stories titled Vanished: Searching for Amanda and The Springfield Murders, A story of the Civil War era titled Thunder and Fury with a sequel in a Western titled Jesse Whitson: The Journey Westward, and a mystery / ghost story The Haunting of Strathmoor Heights.



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