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Vanished: Searching for Amanda by David Gatesbury

Vanished: Searching for Amanda

by David Gatesbury

216 pages
A Detective's investigation follows a trail of murder and bloodshed.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Detective Leonard Harris investigates the disappearance of a beautiful woman he once loved. His relationship with Amanda Kramer unraveled years ago when he was a uniformed cop. Amanda’s brother Mark, who was his partner at the time, was killed when the two went on a burglary call and afterwards she quit seeing him. Years later, after his wife’s death, he took up studying criminal behavior pertaining to serial killers to control his drinking habit. Prostitutes disappearing from the St. Louis metropolitan area are drawing the FBI’s attention, and while Amanda Kramer is not a prostitute, she’s still considered the victim of a serial killer. Sympathetic to the Kramer family, while searching for Amanda he finds himself attracted to her younger sister Rhonda. Amanda was secretary to Anthony Tokar, a casino owner with a nefarious reputation, and known to be romantically involved with Tokar, she also wanted out of that relationship. While probing Tokar’s connections to organized crime, Harris must contend with a prowling sinister figure, and a hitman-contract killer stalking him. His tough, no-nonsense way of dealing with criminals gets him into hot water with authorities and as suspects are eliminated, a trail of murder and bloodshed is left behind.


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About the Author
David Gatesbury David Gatesbury was born in 1955, and is a lifelong resident of St. Louis, MO who had been writing for thirty years. He has previously published The Haunting of Strathmoor Heights, Walking on Mars, The Triad Conspiracy, Enter the Parallel Chamber.



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