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Enter the Parallel Chamber by David Gatesbury

Enter the Parallel Chamber

by David Gatesbury

222 pages
A scientist discovers an alternate dimension occupied by alien Greys.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Enter the Parallel Chamber allows the reader to experience what it is like to crossover into a strange dimension. Physics Professor Paul Weingarte finds himself caught in an alternate dimension with no memory of his past. When coming upon a V-shaped spacecraft he encounters alien Greys with enlarged brain pans and huge, black glossy eyes. Red caped alien guards soon appear wielding wands that deliver a paralyzing charge to take him down. Weingarte recovers to stray beneath their ship and in one instant, he sees a blank faced black couple just before transitioning to the world he once knew. He later ends up at a hospital where acquaintances arrive to take him home and heís taunted by remembrances of a time when he believed he was the last human on Earth. When alien Greys swarm his home, he eludes them and becomes convinced these aliens developed a time warp called the Parallel Chamber to probe our world undetected. They hunt him because he once trespassed into this strange void and they regard him as a threat to their ambitions to bring down our civilization. Struggling to recall how he discovered a portal to this dimension, his memory eventually returns and he devises a way to smash the alienís technological apparatus, but to accomplish this he must enter the Parallel Chamber.


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About the Author
David Gatesbury David Gatesbury is a lifelong resident of St. Louis, Missouri, who has been writing for nearly thirty years. He wrote Walking on Mars, The Haunting of Strathmoor Heights, The Triad Conspiracy, and now Enter the Parallel Chamber. He is currently working on a whopper of a detective story titled Vanished: Searching for Amanda. Now retired, the author lives with his wife Marianne and spends much of his time writing and gardening.



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