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The Springfield Murders by David Gatesbury

The Springfield Murders

by David Gatesbury

204 pages
Detective Harris investigates the murder of an assistant district attorney shot to death on the street in Springfield, Missouri. When other public officials are murdered, a theory emerges that people are being assassinated as revenge killings, but a jogger killed on a hiking path takes investigators in a new direction...

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Detective Leonard Harris moves to Springfield, Missouri, a midsize Midwestern city, and gets embroiled in a rash of felony crimes. When Assistant District Attorney Elliott Hobson is shot to death on the street, panic ensues. Witnesses say a white Ford Crown Victoria pulled up and the driver, dressed in a tan police officer’s uniform, exited the car wearing a wide brimmed Texas Ranger styled hat and sunglasses. He drew a revolver and cold-bloodedly fired twice into Hobson’s chest.

The list of suspects is endless and a theory quickly emerges that he was assassinated as a revenge killing to leave police concerned for other public officials. The investigation hits a brick wall, but when others connected with the district attorney’s office are murdered, including a judge, rumors of a hit list persist.

The murders get nationwide attention when the FBI classifies the murderer as a serial killer. Springfield’s lead investigator, who inadvertently used the phrase The Springfield Murders to describe the killings, is murdered along with his wife in their home late at night. They think they have a thrill killer on their hands, but a jogger killed on a hiking path takes the investigation in a new direction.


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About the Author
David Gatesbury David Gatesbury is a native St. Louisan. His wife's name is Marianne. He has a son named Matt, a daughter named Julie, and he also has a granddaughter named Mya. Gatesbury is a very private person who has been writing novels since the early-eighties, writing on a wide variety of subject matter.



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