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Ghosts and Other Creatures of the Deep South by David Edelen

Ghosts and Other Creatures of the Deep South

by David Edelen

184 pages
TRUE stories of the Supernatural and strange creatures

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Supernatural
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About the Book
This book is a collection of 24 TRUE stories that the author compiled, that the author himself and family members have experience, and stories of which were experienced and related to the author by friends and associates. To the best of the author's knowledge the stories related to the author by these friends and associates are purported to be true experiences of those people also. Some names and place names have been omitted to protect their privacy. All but one occurred in either Montgomery, Autauga, or Elmore Counties, Alabama.

The book begins with a story about an occurrence that happened to the author, and in which the author experienced a most hair raising and frightening experience. The rest are stories that happened to the author or family members, interspersed with the stories related to the author by others. These stories range from the first frightful episode to various types of experiences that happened to the author and his friends and associates. They range from out and out ghost stories to eerie sounds and smells, to things moving around in a seemingly empty room. Some are pertaining to strange eerie, seemingly unnatural and/or unearthly animals and other creatures that can not be explained. The books ends up with a story which takes place within the author's home, which he and members of his immediate family have experienced there as of late.


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About the Author
David Middleton Edelen II, was born in Dallas, Texas on May 24, 1955, reared in Prattville., Al., served in the Army and Marines, worked in fields such as construction, driving trucks, worked on off-shore standby boats for oil companies, and is retired from Alabama Dept of Corrections.



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