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The Artist's Log: A Voyage Through Space and Time by Janice A. Stork

The Artist's Log: A Voyage Through Space and Time

by Janice A. Stork

54 pages
Author's supernatural experiences with UFO’s, extraterrestrials, and past life regressions.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
Janice Stork’s personal paintings take readers on an extraordinary journey involving aliens, UFO’s, reincarnation, and hypnosis. Readers see the shocking thing that happened to the author under an alien’s scalpel. Janice Stork has trained herself to tune into an inner force that speaks to her. While this force has different divine names in various cultures, she simply calls it Spirit. Spirit guided her to write this book on subjects the government typically shrouds in secrecy.


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About the Author
Janice A. Stork Janice Stork is an accomplished astrologer, columnist, and author of several books. She served 32 years with the California Legislature and started painting when she retired. Her lifelong study has been mysticism, magic, ancient Egyptian mystery teachings. Ms. Stork has been a guest speaker for Sacramento MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).



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