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A Death in Surrey by Charles X. Duran

A Death in Surrey

by Charles X. Duran

404 pages
A Murder mystery with a unique twist + humour.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
A DEATH in SURREY: Murder, Mirth, Mystery.

A Death in Surrey is all anyone would want under one cover:
Drama, suspense, twists, action, great characters, humour.

Featuring Michael O’Connor, Albert “Bert” Bertleson & Julie
Molloy -with DI Frank Ibbotson of the Yard thrown in for good measure.

Follow Michael Carol O’Connor as he tries to unravel the mystery behind the death of a person he has never seen or heard of before. In fact, he doesn’t even know if the person is male or female. And O’Connor is no detective, secret agent or even a gumshoe. He was just an ordinary Joe going about his daily activities until suddenly it happened. What is it? you might ask. Good question!

Accompanying O’Connor on this strange journey is his good friend and aging millionaire eccentric Sir Albert Bertleson.
Also tagging along for the ride is Australian Julie Molloy a London University student studying psychology. To complicate matters, Albert’s ex-wife and her “good-for-nothing” son appear on the scene endeavouring to purchase Albert’s ancestral home so they can convert it into an establishment for wayward youth. Of course, Albert is too smart to fall for that load of old toffee.

But as dangerous as Albert’s ex-wife is, the real danger comes in the form of French bodybuilder and professional strongman Andrea Carte along with Nelli Hoffmann a tall and beautiful German femme fatale. It becomes obvious very early in the piece that Carte and Hoffmann are hiding a dark secret that must be kept dark & hidden at any cost.

Albert’s ancestral home is, naturally, a deserted country mansion with all the usual hidden doorways and secret passages. And what better place would there be to carry on clandestine illegal activities and skulduggery? Of course, when all the good-guys and villains come together in this labyrinth of dark and eerie passages and cold, clammy, uninviting dungeons there is, of course, the proverbial thunder storm raging outside.


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About the Author
Charles X. Duran was born in Box Hill, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia of English parents. He now lives in Brisbane, Australia with his wife Mary. He has written six fiction murder mysteries to this point in time. A Death in Surrey is the first of five novels featuring protagonist Michael O'Connor.



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