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ZIG ZAG by Gehla S.Knight


by Gehla S.Knight

252 pages
Quirky murder and madcap mayhem make for red-hot road romance.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
ZIG ZAG is a quirky tale of mixed-up murder, kidnap, blackmail and dangerous hobbies for bored housewives and road Romeos looking for a little action at the Big T truck stop.

There's a wannabe baddie who fantasizes about tie-dyed Negros trying to con him out of his new KW L'il Dickens, a backwoods bunch ready to fight off the coming Commie-Canuck army they're sure is ready to invade Idaho and take over the country after the Big One is dropped on D.C., and a frizzy-haired dreamer scheming to finally land her man, or what's left of him anyway.

A humorous, boomeranging ride with an offbeat cast of characters in the Idaho badlands makes for a fast-paced read with guaranteed twists and detours sure to throw in lots of laughs.


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About the Author
Gehla S.Knight Gehla Knight's fiction has appeared in national publications. She has also served as technical and script advisor for Regency Fox Films. Her work includes literary, commercial fiction and a police procedural series featuring Detective John Bowers. She is a Portland native who lives with her husband and cat Felonious Monk.



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