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The Wind by S.K. Aizer

The Wind

by S.K. Aizer

280 pages
Young Adult Fantasy adventure in a mythical world.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
The Wind is the story of two teens, Sunny & Reiss; from two very different worlds. Sunny lives on a ranch in upstate New York. She can't hear; but has a unique gift that allows her to hear the thoughts of others.

Reiss is a deity who lives in the mythical land of Sajar. Since birth he has been preparing for a dangerous quest; that he must make before his sixteenth birthday. But first, he must find his mate.

When their paths cross, they discover a special bond of communication and a shared ability to control the wind. With help from their friends and the mythical creatures of Sajar, they must face the four evil forces of nature (the daemons). These encounters will alter the lives of everyone they know in both worlds.


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About the Author
S.K. Aizer S.K. Aizer is a Licensed Social Worker, a wife and the mother of three. Reading, sharing and enjoying books with her children, is what inspired her to write this book, and share her love of storytelling with other families.



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