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A WORLD REIMAGINED: Book Three In the Genesis Directive Series by John G. Schieman

A WORLD REIMAGINED: Book Three In the Genesis Directive Series

by John G. Schieman

450 pages
The world is about to be transformed in unimaginable proportion.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Decades of strategic planning and flawless execution have finally come to fruition. The massive, stealth organization known only as Genesis is on the threshold of achieving its vision of a new world order.

World leaders will fall. Nation states will crumble. No one will comprehend the inevitability of Genesisí vision until itís too late. The world will bear witness to Genesisí unbridled creativity, its resolute determination, and its masterful, albeit diabolical, tactics.

Genesis will repeatedly stun the world with misdirection as it expropriates the capabilities of the worldwide military industrial complex to suit its insatiable appetite for power. Cyber terrorism continues to be the Genesis weapon of choice as it promulgates disinformation and influences social values. Big data is the new battle ground. Control of energy grids, natural resources, the information highway, and, ultimately, world domination will be the spoils of war.

Genesisí political influence will exploit human weakness and personal greed for its own advantage. Genesis operatives will shed their cloaks of anonymity and assume their rightful political presence on the world stage.

The entire globe will teeter on a precipice between good and evil; between free will and societal manipulation. The Genesis new world order will supplant despair with hope; pessimism with optimism; and fear with contentment.

When the storm finally subsides, worldwide financial, political, economic, and social structures will have been dramatically altered and the balance of global power will have been disrupted in unimaginable proportions.


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About the Author
John G. Schieman John Schieman resides in New Jersey, but spends consider time on Maui where he does most of his writing.

Johnís literary goal is to unleash his creative imagination, crafting compelling stories that entertain, provoke, and collaborate with his readership.

John holds a Masterís Degree in Economics from Rutgers University.



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