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KILLER MATH: A Technical Thriller by Jim Throne

KILLER MATH: A Technical Thriller

by Jim Throne

364 pages
If you thought algebra was tough, wait until you get to quantum physics.

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
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About the Book
Doctor Bartholomew Grimes is an aging knight-errant in the quirky field of quantum physics. Hes been hired by a National Security Agency division director to secure highly confidential research papers of Professor William Zarneck, a third-generation theoretical physicist, found dead in his locked office in a locked university building in a small Midwestern college. By the time Grimes gets there, the body of the dead man has been cremated and his research papers have vanished. Grimes learns that Zarneck died from a tiny hole bored completely through his skull.

As Grimes doggedly searches for the missing materials, he unravels the bizarre Zarneck family history and deals with the popinjay college president, his aberrant wife, Quarks, the spectre of All Hallows Eve, special keys, brilliant but eccentric graduate students, a devious Russian physicist, an inept coroner, do-nothing authorities, a know-nothing janitor, a panoply of duplicitous government officials and finally a mythological bear.


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About the Author
Jim Throne After writing more than a dozen technical treatises and more than a hundred technical papers, Jim is now writing murder mysteries. Born and raised in Ohio but now lives in Florida. His technical career spans engineering research, manufacturing, university teaching and now international consulting.



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