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Jakarta Shadows by Alan Brayne

Jakarta Shadows

by Alan Brayne

298 pages
Political thriller set in Indonesia.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Graham Young’s gin-soaked life in Jakarta is a dull but comfortable existence, even after the bloody riots that mark the fall of the Soeharto regime. But a chance meeting in a bar with an obnoxious and creepy ex-pat hurls him headlong into a nightmare from which there seems no escape. Hounded by the police, courted by shadowy figures from some kind of political resistance, and visited in the night by ghouls from the military, he sees no choice but to flee from them all. Can he get out of the country before the dark, hidden forces around him move in for one last time?


'… a lush, captivating thriller … most of this novel’s potential North American readers won’t have set foot in Indonesia, but through Brayne’s precise, evocative descriptions and lively characters, they will feel as though they’ve just spent several weeks there. A wonderful debut from a writer who deserves a large audience.’ Booklist (Starred Review) 5 January 2003

‘There are echoes of Graham Greene in this stylish, thought-provoking thriller that reeks of the damp heat, violence, and corruption of Indonesia.’ Bookseller, 8 February 2002

'… a stimulating and highly atmospheric thriller, reminiscent of both Ambler and Greene.’ Tangled Web UK website June 2002

‘The atmospherics are skillfully created. I almost expected Peter Lorre and Sidney Greenstreet to put in an appearance.’ Culture Wars 13 March 2007


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About the Author
Alan Brayne lived in Indonesia from 1996-2002, and witnessed the fall of the Soeharto government. He likes film noir, Charlie Chan movies, smelly cheese, and the colour turquoise. He is currently living and working in Singapore.



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