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...Especially the Parchments by Jim Throne

...Especially the Parchments

by Jim Throne

254 pages
20th century discoveries of ancient writings have changed the understanding of biblical times. Would the recent discovery and translations of dozens of ancient parchments cause even greater changes?

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Doctor Oscar Sample, Professor of Early Christianity, a former NFL player, is confronted with this conundrum when a young priest arrives one evening at his office. At first, Sample scoffs at the first couple of pages, thinking that they were either purloined or fake. After closer examination, he realizes that the pages contain three languages - Greek, Medieval Latin and perhaps a version of Hebrew or Aramaic. Sample gets the priest to explain that hed uncovered the cache at the Archbishopric in New Orleans. Sample has a photographer, a gridiron nemesis, to carefully photograph each page. He asks his graduate student to examine the copies. They appear truly ancient, perhaps first century CE.

Sample recruits a well-known Jewish scholar, an expert in paper technologies and an expert in written antiquities to decide whether the documents are real. If so, what do the messages reveal?. The parchment and the inks are eighth century Celtic. The group concludes that they are probably practice pages done by monastery scribes. As the translations evolve the group discusses the source of these documents and their authorship and meaning. Are these the writings of religious members at the beginning of Christianity? Before the group can decide how to disseminate the information, one by one the members die under unusual circumstances.


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About the Author
After writing more than a dozen technical treatises and more than a hundred technical articles, Jim has turned to penning murder mysteries. Born and raised in Northern Ohio, he now resides in sunny Florida. His sixty-year technical career includes research, manufacturing, university teaching and international consulting.



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