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The Book Nook Murders by Jim Throne

The Book Nook Murders

by Jim Throne

316 pages
A retired ballplayer is accused of decades-old murders.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Joshua Blackburn was a teenager when he was drafted by a major league baseball team. He played rookie ball in a tiny hill town where he stayed in the home of a widow and two of her three teen daughters. A couple of years later, her two daughters mysteriously disappear.

Decades later, Josh, now retired from baseball, learns that he has inherited the widow’s bookstore. As he is rehabbing the building, it burns to the ground, revealing the skeletons of the missing daughters. The state crime investigators defer their investigation to the County Sheriff, who accuses him of arson and murder.

Josh begins a quest to learn the truth behind the crimes. As he does, he will uncover hidden secrets and encounter many attempts on his life, attempts that will claim the lives of many others.


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About the Author
Jim Throne After fifty years as an engineering researcher, university professor, and consultant, Jim is writing murder mysteries. His first, The Curse of the Gallows, was published in 2012. Jim wishes he could have had a stellar a baseball career as the hero of Book Nook Murders, but not what came later.



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