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Freddy’s Freaky American Life - 2019 edition by Frank Kyle

Freddy’s Freaky American Life - 2019 edition

by Frank Kyle

412 pages
An American teenager's freaky American life.

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book
Freddy’s Freaky American Life describes a year in the life of Freddy Louche. The year is 2001, the year of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Yet Freddy feels less threatened by Islamic terrorists than he does by the bullies who roam his neighborhood and torment him at school.

Freddy describes himself as an all-American teenage loser living in a dilapidated apartment in a rundown white-trash neighborhood surrounded by ghettos populated by gangbangers and bullies.

Freddy hates school because it brings together in one place all his enemies. School is a multicultural jungle where students don’t mingle but keep to their own group or crew or try to stay out harm’s way by sticking close to the adults and staying as far as possible from the white, black, and Hispanic homies. To Freddy the school is more a correctional facility than a high school. Freddy does like his teachers. They rarely hassle him and sometimes offer insights into the human condition that he finds so bleak and threatening.

Freddy loves his skateboard, his video games, and his father, a struggling single parent.

Freddy’s skateboard is a Serial Killer that sports an image of Charles Manson, an image that expresses the anger Freddy feels toward everything. Riding Manson he never feels alone or unprotected, at least not until that fateful night in Chicano Park.

Freddy’s favorite video game is Resident Evil because in the world of survival horror he can defend himself against the zombies and other monsters that remind him of the cretin bullies who hang out in the corridors of his school and the thugs that roam the streets of his city, a city that is in many ways like Raccoon City, which was also an all-American city until the walking dead and other beasties took control of its streets.

Freddy’s father is the one adult Freddy can always rely on. Unfortunately Mr. Louche, like the school authorities and the police, cannot protect his son from the thugs and bullies who constantly harass him. Thus, a time finally comes when Freddy and his loser friends must take on their tormentors.


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About the Author
Frank Kyle taught English at the Francis Parker School in San Diego, California. He received his doctorate in English and holds graduate degrees in philosophy and psychology. He has also published Tatiana, Su Casa Es Mi Casa, Christine’s Philosophical Journey to San Diego, and Christine’s Philosophical Journey to Paris.



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