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Su Casa Es Mi Casa - 2020 Revised Edition by Frank Kyle

Su Casa Es Mi Casa - 2020 Revised Edition

by Frank Kyle

158 pages
A comedy describing an American family’s encounter with illegal immigrants.

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Category: Fiction:Suspense
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About the Book
Welcome to Darwin’s world, where the hawk kills the dove and the lion eats the gazelle, where the strong destroys the weak, and the keen-witted defeats the dull-witted. Most people think of illegal immigration as a result of various failures—political, moral, or economic. Yet, more fundamentally it is simply a mechanism of survival—survival of the fittest, those whose numbers increase and eventually dominate an environment.

Immigration is a problem only for those who are displaced by the growing numbers of intruding groups. Naturalistically, migration is what species do—expand, dominate, and conquer in order to survive. It is simply the way of life. Immigrants flee overpopulated environments having insufficient economic, natural, or residential resources and invade environments having surpluses of these resources. Or they flee hostile environments and migrate to those that are safer and more hospitable. When invading groups encounter the inhabitants of an invaded environment, conflict occurs if the invasion means displacement and competition for the native population.

When Europe’s populations were trapped in poverty and hopelessness or were the victims of persecution, Europeans migrated to other regions of the world. Some migrated to North America, where they destroyed or displaced the indigenous peoples. Today, populations are once again on the move in large numbers. Muslims are abandoning their failed societies and migrating to the successful societies of Europe.

Migrant populations are hardy, desperate, ingenious, hardworking, and aggressive. Resident populations are often complacent and welcoming, thus often caught unaware. When the resident population believes its culture and economy are threatened, the relationship between the two groups becomes adversarial.

Possible outcomes are one side wins and the other loses, assimilation occurs, or both sides remain in a continuing state of conflict. Su Casa Es Mi Casa offers a droll, surreal microcosmic depiction of the conflict. The invaders and invaded are two families. The setting is not a nation but a single suburban home. The outcome is not one of assimilation but winner takes all.


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About the Author
Frank Kyle received his doctorate in English from the University of Northern Colorado and holds graduate degrees in philosophy and psychology. His books include Freddy’s Freaky American Life, Tatiana, Christine’s Philosophical Journey to San Diego, Christine’s Philosophical Journey to Paris, and The Sun Also Rises and the Post-Narrative Condition.



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