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The Mouth of Outrage by Sondra Wolferman

The Mouth of Outrage

by Sondra Wolferman

302 pages
Fracking drives a homeowner to despair in rural Pennsylvania.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Retired New York City taxi driver Zachariah Higgins has just moved his family into their new home in the Pennsylvania countryside. Unknown to the Higgins family, their cozy retreat in the foothills of the Endless Mountains is poised to become a regional hub for the natural gas industry, complete with its own airport and a proposed future city of a quarter million residents.

The isolation of their new home soon proves too much for Zach’s city-bred wife Sharon, who returns to the Long Island suburb of her youth, taking with her the couple’s young son. Soon afterward, Zach’s grown daughter takes off for the Big Apple, leaving Zach alone in his secluded outpost.

As the signs of impending industrialization spread across the region, Zach grows more and more distraught over the blight that threatens his bucolic community. When finally he is served with a notice from the public utility commission threatening the loss of his home through eminent domain, Zach's frustration boils over into an act of outrage that will have both grave and unintended consequences for Zach and his family.


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About the Author
Sondra is a native of Maryland and a graduate of Georgetown University. She is the author of four novels, including YEVA, The Mountaineer's Dance, The Escarpment, and her latest, The Mouth of Outrage. Sondra lives in northeast Pennsylvania.



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