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A LEGACY OF RESISTANCE by Sondra Wolferman


by Sondra Wolferman

302 pages
After witnessing the environmental devastation of burning oil fields in the Arabian desert, returning Gulf War veteran Liam Gudersen leads a motley group of protesters to face down frackers in the shale gas fields of Pennsylvania.

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About the Book
Twenty-seven-year-old U.S. Army veteran Liam Gudersen has recently completed a tour of duty in the Persian Gulf, where he witnessed the environmental devastation of burning oil fields in the Arabian desert and the destruction of a spectacular wetland ecosystem in southern Iraq.

Upon returning stateside to his home in Pennsylvania, Liam finds his hometown swollen with thousands of new arrivals seeking to profit from Pennsylvania’s shale gas boom, which is transforming the mountain wilderness north of his boyhood home into an industrial wasteland, evoking painful memories of the despoliation Liam witnessed in Iraq.

Frustrated by the apathy and lack of response from the local citizenry, Liam sets out to build his own grassroots fracking resistance movement, mobilizing activists from vastly different backgrounds and persuasions to overcome their differences and work together toward a common goal.

Along the way, Liam gathers the support of people from many walks of life, including the indigenous men and women determined to protect their ancestral lands from desecration, and the brilliant attorney who helps them navigate the morass of legal issues facing activists in a state where the rules are stacked against them. Among these supporters, Liam finds the woman who will become the love of his life.


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About the Author
Sondra Wolferman is the author of five novels including her latest, A Legacy of Resistance. Earlier books include YEVA; The Mountaineer’s Dance; The Escarpment; and The Mouth of Outrage. Sondra lives in northeastern Pennsylvania.



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