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The Escarpment by Sondra Wolferman

The Escarpment

by Sondra Wolferman

272 pages
Recovering alcoholic finds redemption.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
When successful Manhattan business attorney and long time closet drinker Jake Demornay commits a serious breach of ethics while under the influence, he is served with an ultimatum from his employer of the last ten years. Get help or get out. Faced with the possibility of disbarment, Jake agrees to enter a long-term treatment program in the Pennsylvania countryside, where his ability to function without his 'crutch' is severely tested as conflicts arise with fellow patients, counselors, and the treatment staff.

Seven months later, just prior to his scheduled release from the treatment program, Jake manages to lose himself in the wilderness atop the desolate Pocono escarpment, disappearing overnight without authorization and testing positive for alcohol upon his return, which results in an additional three months of confinement at the facilty, as well as a petition of divorce from his long-suffering wife.

When at last he emerges from rehab, clean and sober for the first time in over a decade, Jake makes the momentous decision not to return to his old position at the New York law firm, choosing instead to set up his own private practice in a rural community of northeast Pennsylvania. His career takes a surprising new turn when he is asked to represent a group of local citizens fighting to preserve a unique natural area from extinction in the rapidly developing Pocono Mountains. Sparks fly when it turns out the builder whose development threatens the natural area is an old nemesis of Jake's from the rehab facility.


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About the Author
Sondra Wolferman is the author of three novels including 'YEVA', 'The Mountaineer's Dance', and 'The Escarpment'. Her short fiction has appeared in small press journals. She lives in northeast Pennsylvania, which is also the setting of her latest novel.



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