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The Awakened Psychic:  Using Crystal Grids, Reiki & Spirit Guides to Develop Animal Communication, Mediumship & Self Healing by Suzy Graf

The Awakened Psychic: Using Crystal Grids, Reiki & Spirit Guides to Develop Animal Communication, Mediumship & Self Healing

by Suzy Graf

326 pages
Still the mind, heal the body, expand into psychic awareness.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
I never thought I’d learn to speak with spirits, let alone spirit guides, but a cascade of seemingly random events nudged me into a new reality. Written as a prequel to my first two books, The Skeptic Psychic & The Enlightened Psychic, The Awakened Psychic follows events before I met, and learned to channel my spirit guide, Yellow Dog.

I begin my story while watching the waves lap the shores of Long Island Sound, reminiscing how I developed my psychic abilities with a dear friend. I discuss the accident which led to chronic pain. Pain, and stress opened a Psychic Pandora’s Box, and ghosts in my bedroom at night invaded my dreams with horrifying thoughts of their deaths!

I yearned to return to a physically active life; raising my three children, riding horses, and caring for a small flock of sheep and an organic garden. I had no time for physical pain, and little interest in talking to dead people. I attended a yoga practice in an effort to heal my body, but what I discovered was the art of meditation, and a way of ME initiating seeing spirits.

I practiced meditation with the intention of understanding the thoughts of animals, and I honed the ability to share my mind with horses, dogs and even a parakeet. But pesky spirits still invaded my meditations. I sought out a class in mediumship expecting to attend a few classes, learn what the dead people wanted, and then return to practicing animal communication. I was wrong.

The mediumship class also taught Spiritual Healing, which prompted me to take classes in a form of healing called Reiki. I met several Healing Spirit Guides as I progressed through my levels of Reiki training. I believed my first healing guide was a distant relative, and traveled to Hungary to research more. Wondering if I shared a past life connection with my spirit guide, I also experience a past life regression session. Later in my story, I learn how to use crystals from spirit guides who call themselves Druids, and I share my experience of meditating with crystal grids, and journeying with animal spirit guides.

I start attending a weekly class on spiritual development and discover the strange ability to first chant, and then speak in tongues. There was a different spirit near, and I receive ancient hieroglyphs, or symbols, in my dreams, as the energy of my meditations change, or expand. I wake up knowing odd knowledge of ancient cultures, perhaps the fabled land of Lemuria? I struggle to understand the identity of my latest spirit guide, and finally piece together the mystery.

The Awakened Psychic is not science fiction, nor fantasy, but a non-fictional account of how I learned to see, and understand, the unseen. I share this adventure with others seeking a world not confined to our five senses. Stretch your imagination beyond the physical. You might be surprised to discover you are never alone.


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About the Author
Suzy Graf Suzy started reading animals professionally, and teaching Reiki classes, in 2006. When not doing readings, or writing, she teaches classes in psychic development, yoga and Reiki. Suzy also assists others in their path towards healing with Reiki and Past Life Regression sessions. She resides on a small New England farm.



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