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The Skeptic Psychic: An Autobiography into the Acceptance of the Unseen by Suzy Graf

The Skeptic Psychic: An Autobiography into the Acceptance of the Unseen

by Suzy Graf

346 pages
ghosts, fairies, aliens….acknowledgment of fears precipitates expanded realities

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About the Book
I started to write in the fall of 2004, during the night, in order to return to sleep. I was learning, developing as a medium and an animal communicator, and I learned that if I wrote my dreams or what my “pretend friends” were telling me through dreams, then I would be “left alone” and could return to sleep. No, I was not crazy; just a struggling would-be psychic searching to understand the unknown and when I began this path, my searching, I found little literary assistance. Yes, the celebrity psychics all had their autobiographies in print but something was missing. I needed to learn HOW they learned not WHAT they learned. I needed to understand the beginning phases of mediumship, not the perfected exercises of the adept. With this mission in mind I journaled my experiences and edited them into The Skeptic Psychic; an Autobiography into the Acceptance of the Unseen.

The Skeptic Psychic has two purposes; first it entices the reader to expand their imagination beyond what we currently perceive as reality and it offers my experiences and my reactions, my fear to these situations, as a comfort and encouragement for the reader to challenge their own suspicions and limitations. I am now a working psychic; offering animal readings or mediumship as well as leading meditations, teaching classes and offering energy healing and my students and clients often comment how at peace and “naturally talented” I am and I smile. For I know that I had lived through a myriad of experiences that, with time, had taught me to acclimate and accept the unseen. But I am far from “naturally talented” and I feel that The Skeptic Psychic could help aspiring psychics, or anyone contemplating the unknown, to better understand that they are not alone in what they are experiencing.

I composed The Skeptic Psychic from chronological journal entries that span from August of 2005 through March of 2006. The book opens just after I attended a weekend retreat that posed the possibility that adults could believe in fairies and aliens. The more I questioned if fairies could exist the more I discovered that they did. Later that year I confronted my apprehension when sensing that aliens were near as well. And as 2005 changed into 2006 I learned to overcome my fears and to accept the unseen.

I realize that my story and the fact that aliens and fairies do exist sounds rather unbelievable but read my book, follow the path, the reasoning of how I learned to overcome my fears and understand that the result was a peace, a knowing that we are not alone in our reality, that there are unseen beings, guides are another term, that are present to enlighten, protect and serve. I close this book description the way I close all my journal entries with the salutation, Namaste, defined through WIKPEDIA as; "I respect that divinity within you that is also within me."

Namaste…Suzy Graf


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About the Author
Suzy Graf Suzy Graf led a quiet life as a mother of three on a New England farm for over twenty years before her spiritual awakening in 2003. She is now a Spiritualist and works part time as an energy worker, animal communicator, yoga instructor and author.



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