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The Enlightened Psychic: Unlocking the Creative Source from Within by Suzy Graf

The Enlightened Psychic: Unlocking the Creative Source from Within

by Suzy Graf

308 pages
Enlightenment...the oneness of awareness of the soul

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Supernatural
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About the Book
Reiki, Spiritual Healing and Holographic Sound Healing, I was delving into a myriad of healing modalities in the spring of 2006. Suffering from acute spiritual deficit disorder, I appeared to be learning one technique when zzzzzzzzzzip I’d be off onto another tangent. I knew that I was growing as a holistic healer, animal communicator and a medium but couldn’t grasp my lessons as I was learning them. Luckily, I had the ability to consult my Spirit Guide, Yellow Dog, and channel his opinion. It was this wisdom along with messages from other confidants, such as alien entities, that opened my eyes beyond the veil. I learned that my linear reality was but an illusion, and that I could reach past the perceived physical boundaries of my being.

The Enlightened Psychic: Unlocking the Creative Source from Within is composed of a year’s worth of journal entries, psychic insights, and channeled wisdom that tease the brain beyond the reasoning of why. Written as a sequel to The Skeptic Psychic, this work can be read in tandem or stand on its own. Have you ever wondered Spirit’s perspective when contemplating the Universe? How would life be perceived while existing without a body and not through physical eyes? Is the human race heading towards a oneness with all that is? And how would this oneness, this communion with all that is, the sensation, or vibration, of love be perceived and understood through the limitations of the mind?

I’ve heard it said that true enlightenment is unachievable but I disagree. Man imposes opinions in order to dominate and subjugate one another. There is no hell, there is no evil, there is simply a fear, and when one lets go of that fear the reward is bliss. Allow yourself to question as you read my own trials and experiences. Ascertain what the human brain is capable of understanding verses what the soul knows. Travel with me to the stone circles, burial mounds and ancient ruins of Ireland, and later to the red sands of Arizona as I search for the answers. And formulate your own opinion as to what true enlightenment could really be.


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About the Author
Suzy Graf led a quiet life as a mother of three on a New England farm for over twenty years before her spiritual awakening in 2003. She is now a Spiritualist and works part time as an energy worker, animal communicator, yoga instructor and author.



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